Who is Licypriya Kangujam? Biography of Licypriya Kangujam

Licypriya leading the historic Great October March 2019 with the biggest rural climate strike in India.

Who is Licypriya Kangujam? Biography of Licypriya Kangujam, Indian Climate Activists.

Licypriya is a Nine-Years-Old Indian Climate Activists. She has been championing her cause since six-years-old to protect, preserve and nurture our environment by fighting the climate change. She is one of the youngest climate activists globally and addressed the world leaders in the United Nations Climate Conference 2019 (COP25) in Madrid, Spain calling the world leaders to take immediate climate actions to save their future. She is an outspoken young leader inspiring millions of people around the World and one of the leading voices for climate change in the World despite her young age. She spoke in over 400 institutions and other platforms in over 32 countries advocating adults about the threat of climate change. When she started her movement in 2018, she was alone but today she has thousands of love and support from across the globe.

Licypriya addressing the World leaders at UN Climate Conference 2019 (COP25) in Madrid, Spain.

She born in Manipur in a small North-Eastern state of India surrounded by lush green mountains and alluring atmosphere but when she come to Delhi in 2016, she find her life messy with Delhi high air pollution and turn her into a child climate activist demanding PM Modi & MPs to pass a climate law to curb air pollution and to control the carbon emissions.

Later she moved to Odisha state for her schooling and again hit her homes two times with super cyclone called “Cyclone Fani” and “Cyclone Titli” in 2018 & 2019 consecutively.

In July 2018, she got a chance to attend one UN Disaster Conference in Mongolia and it was her life changing event.

After return back from Mongolia, she started her own organization called “The Child Movement” in July 2018 to call the world leaders to take urgent climate action to save our planet and their future.

In August 2018, she donated her entire savings of Rs. 1, 00,000 to the Chief Minister of Government of Kerala to provide humanitarian supports to the victims’ children of the 2018 Kerala Massive Floods.

In February 2019, she dropped out her school to protest every week in front of the parliament house of India to address climate change with 3 demands to our leaders viz. 1) To pass the climate change law in the parliament as soon as possible; 2) To make climate education compulsory in every schools of India & To ensure plantations of minimum of 10 trees by every students of India.

If they pass the climate law then we can control carbon emissions and green house gases and also it will give climate justice to millions of poor vulnerable people and other marginalized communities who are the victims of climate change. And also, it can bring accountability and transparency to the government.

And also making climate education mandatory in schools curriculum will helps to fight the climate crisis from the grassroots. Italy has already made Climate Education as compulsory in their school curriculum since December, 2019. If India follows the same, India will be the second country after Italy taking such initiative in the history of the world and first in Asia.

India has over 350 million students. If 350 million students plant minimum 10 trees every year then we will plant 3.5 billion trees every year. Trust me; India will be green within 5-10 years. This will helps to fight the air pollution, floods, droughts, heat waves and other environmental issues in the country.

Licypriya in front of the Parliament House of India.

As a result, she got a letters from Rajasthan & Gujarat Government few months back that they will be the first state in India to include climate change as a compulsory subject. From 0 to 1,45,596 schools will starts climate change as a compulsory subject in school education curriculum. This is the real change brought by just 9 years old kid. Now, India becomes the first in Asia and second country in the world taking such initiative after Italy in the history of the World. Many other private schools across the globe have given positive response on her plea to include climate change as a compulsory subject in their school education curriculum on her request.

When Licypriya spent a week in front of the parliament house in June 2019 to pass a climate change law in the parliament, six Rajya Sabha MPs both from Opposition and Ruling Governments bring up the issue of climate change in the house and discuss for the first time seriously in the history of Indian parliament on Climate Change.

She used her social media like twitter as a powerful tool to raise her voice to urge the global leaders. And again in March 2019, Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor promised her in front of millions of the twitter users to raise her three main demands in the Parliament session when she rejected the “She Inspire Us” honour of PM Modi because of not listening to her voice. This sparked a huge debate amongst the Indian Politicians and people on climate change which is a rare incident in India.

on 2nd October 2019, she led a march popularly knows as “The Great October March 2019” from India gate to Parliament House to urge our leaders to take urgent climate action to save their future where thousands of young people took part on the march. This rally took place in many parts of India by showing solidarity to her.

Thousands of young people participated in the Great October March 2019 led by Licypriya from India Gate to Parliament House of India to urge Indian leaders to take urgent climate actions.

Another big impact she created was her plea in her social media to the school children and people to plant trees instead of just giving her wishes on her birthday on 2nd October 2020. Thousands of school children and people from India and the World turned out and responded to her call by planting over 2,40,000 trees as a birthday gift to her.

Now, school children are going to continue this effect as a new green movement by planting trees every week on every Monday by celebrating “Monday for Mother Nature” as a part of taking climate action by children to make our planet green again. She target to plant one million trees every year by this initiative. She planted over 300,000 trees under her initiative till today at the age of 9 years which is equivalent to planting 91 trees every day since her birth.

Now, thousands of school children are taking part in climate action campaign and program such as planting trees, cleaning plastics from streets, parks, oceans, rivers and seas, stop using single used plastics at home and inspire millions of other people around the World with her little voice. Many children and youths inspire from her.

In November 2019, She also invented a symbolic device called “SUKIFU” where SU = Survival, KI= Kit & FU = Future to curb the air pollution in Delhi.

In December 2019, she met the United Nations Secretary General Mr Antonio Guterres and submitted 4 pages of memorandum on behalf of the world’s children to create a safe future for them.

Licypriya with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in 2019.

She also founded a weekly newspaper called “The Small Voice” in October 2020 at the age of 9 which is the only weekly international newspaper run, manage and publish by only children of the world aged between 6-16 years to amplify their voices on inequalities, racism, conflicts and environment. There are total 16 child reporters of it.

She is one of the leading voices for climate change in the world. And also the youngest verified twitter account holder with blue tick in the world. And she is an unstoppable child prodigy and voice of the voiceless despite threat, abuse and criticism to her frequently by politically affiliated people by politicizing her voice on their political agendas for speaking out against the government to protect the environment but she never pay attention or hit to them.

She addressed at United Nations and various other India’s premiere institutions such as IIT, University of Delhi and many other global platforms. She spoke two times at TEDx namely TEDxSBSC of Delhi University & TEDxGateway in Mumbai. She received standing ovation for her speech in TEDxGateway. She was invited on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day at Washington DC, USA to address along with His Holiness Pope Frances and many other global leaders in April 2020 where it goes digitally due to COVID19 pandemic.

She received Global Child Prodigy Award 2020, Noble Citizen Award 2020, Rising Star of Earth Day Network 2019, World Children Peace Prize 2019, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Children Award 2019, SDGs Ambassador Award 2019, etc. for her works.

As a stereotype, many people told her that she is too young to get involved in such activism but she prove them that age doesn’t matter to make a difference. When people throw stone to her, she always converted it into a milestone. She believed that only children can save the planet.

Licypriya with Odisha Cyclones Titli victims children and families in 2019.

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